Rope of Dope Presents WaxWarriors II (Episode 274)

This mixtape is a mixture of new, old, deep, and a lil' bit of funkyness - pure WaxWarriors signature style - Enjoy!


  1. FYI Chris - Flat Psych [Toy Tonics]
  2. Medlar - Shake It [For Disco’s Only]
  3. Genius Of Time - Peace Bird [Running Back]
  4. Javonntte - January People [Wewillalwaysbealovesong]
  5. Johannes Lehner - Upside Down [Drumpoet Community]
  6. Selected Works - Uncle Sam (Mousse T’s Disco Sensation) [Peppermint Jam]
  7. Roman Rauch - Horse Crepe [Faces Records]
  8. Hugo LX - It's About That Time [Faces Records]
  9. DJ Steaw - I See You [Hot Haus Recs]
  10. Nebraska - Usin’ Me (The Revenge Remix) [Razor N Tape Reserve]
  11. Genius Of Time - Science Fiction [Aniara Recordings]
  12. Objekt - Theme From Q [Objekt]

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